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MTV is an authorized dealer of Innsoft Inc. the maker of Check-Inn® Front Desk System.

Key Features

Quick and simple check-in with automatic tax calculations
Instant check-in for guests with reservations, can maintain up to 64,000 reservations
View and print a quote without making a reservation
Supports properties with up to 350 rooms
Fully customizable rate system with yield management tools
Accepts Cash, Cr. Card or third party billing as payment options
Maintains room status (clean, dirty, not available)
Group booking feature
Complete accounts receivable billing system
Email confirmations, folios, invoices and reports
Automatic daily audit saves time and streamlines
Built in data backup, Full backup and restore including auto-backup operations

Additional Features (optional)
High speed credit card processing interface
Network Module for multiple check-in
Call accounting (phone charges), point of sale, voice mail, and movie interfaces available
Direct Inn : 2-Way internet reservation system
Photo ID card scanner

Easy to read daily, monthly and shift reports
Shift report keeps track of all transactions by time and date
Daily housekeeping report
Reservation and cancellation reports
Occupancy and Average room rate reports
Exports data to 3rd party accounting software, is compatible with Quickbooks for Windows.(v2.0)
Easy to use. Train your staff in hours instead of days

Multiple check inn with Network module
Especially suited for medium to large motels, network module comes in handy during rush hours when most of your guest check-in and check-out. With this module, you can do multiple tasks like check-in guest, perform reservation or print report on different computers.
A computer network consists of a computer connected via Network (Ethernet) Cards and CAT5 network cable. If you have more than two workstations, you will require a network "Hub" or "Switch". Your networking technician can provide and explain these hardware devices to you or we will glad to assist you and provide you with necessary hardware.
If you are interested in setting up a network at your property, let us know and we will glad to assist you in planning as well as implementation. Alternately, you can contact local computer technician to help you set this up. With network in place, we will set-up the Check-Inn® Network Version.
You require Network Module in order to implement Direct-Inn® online reservation System

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Our Expertise

Wired & Wireless Internet
Phone System & Voicemail
Video Surveillance Systems
Cabling for Voice, Video & Data
PMS & Online Reservation
Digital Signage

Markets We Serve

Hotels & Institutions
Bars & Restaurants
Gym, Spa & Casino
Hospitals & Senior Living
Offices & Commercial Spaces
Dorms & Educational Institutes
Residential Multi Dwelling Units

DRE Features

Hotel Branding
Guest Welcome Screen
Interactive Program Guide
In Room Messaging
Local Weather & On Site Amenities
PMS Integration possible
Optional DVR Functionality

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