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Good phone system is a must for any business. There are a number of telephone systems available for hotel/motels, and other businesses. Shop for the phone system with all the features you need.

At MTV Inc., we provide hotel communication solutions which includes phone systems, voice mails, call accounting and music-on-hold
etc. from leading vendors like Mitel, Matrix that suits your property's size, requirement, future growth possibilities and one that fits your budget.

Keep in mind following things before making a decision on your next phone system.
  • User Friendly Interface - need minimal training for your staff to use the system with ease.
  • Easy access to key features - like transfer phone to guest room, check guest logs, set up wake up calls, room status, voice mail accounts and any guest dialing restrictions.
  • Track Revenue – watch and print phone bills, store call records so that you have a clear log of all costs relating to each room.
  • Reduced Operating Costs – 24/7 unattended call-answering system, no need to have a dedicated staff
  • Upgrades – easy upgrade when needed, extra features such as auto-attendant and call accounting software can be added later
  • Voice features : 1) auto attendant to greet guest calls or inquiries. 2) music or a recorded message on hold. 3) directory listing - to reach key personnel or departments
  • Handsets - are your brand ambassador to your guests. Digital or non display handsets. Print instruction on handset regarding how to reach Room Service, Front Desk and Restaurant; how to access mailbox, how to call other rooms; how to restrict call access (do not disturb); calls to utilities like taxi service, pizza etc. and call accounting information.
  • Productivity - Most hotel phone systems incorporate features to monitor activity of Housekeeping staff, like what rooms are cleaned, what room is being cleaned at the moment etc.
Contact us for high quality, low costs solutions for your hotels telephony needs. After all, we are just a phone call away !
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